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CJ Bolland


What is the role of visuals in an industry of sound?

FEMUR blends all the tools that he owns to make the answer to this previous question obvious. Known for being a multidisciplinary artist, it’s product design and urban scenography that allowed him to interact with the world of creation. But, shortly after, it is indeed amid electronic music that he found a fertile ground to combine all means of expressions that are dear to him.

He draws his inspiration from hardcore / noise punk imaging, as well as typography calibrations, he also gives a great interest in the culture of absurd mass-information.

FEMUR had the opportunity to turn music to images for several artists such as: I Hate Models, Fjaak, Hadone, Tommy for Seven, Raar, Fuerr, Tymon and the list goes on.

Entering into FEMUR’s universe means oscillating from video projections to scenography, it also implies going from video clips to livestreams. He brilliantly merges extreme aggressivity with gentle nostalgia.


Motion Designer
Audiovisual shows


Paris, France

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