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Under Black Helmet
CJ Bolland


Prior to taking up production of electronic music, Lithuanian-born producer Julius Laurašonis, aka Under Black Helmet, played several instruments including keys, strings and drums.

After having moved to London in 2011 and being inspired by the local scene, Julius has started producing techno and he has remained faithful to the genre ever since. His debut ‘Mute’ EP, released in 2015 on Mørbeck’s Berlin-based label ‘Code is Law’, has received great feedback and has been picked up by techno veterans such as Jeff Mills, Tommy Four Sever and Rebekah. Since then Julius has rightfully established himself in today’s techno scene and plays at monumental parties and clubs such as Berghain, Dour Festival or Reaktor’s Unpolished.

Some of his tracks have become true hits on the scene, gathering several millions of plays across the different streaming platforms, and transcending crowds across the world.


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